Dr Amy Matthewson



Cartooning China: ‘Punch,’ Power, & Politics in the Victorian Era currently under contract with Routledge 


“Cartooning Anxieties of Empire: The First Sino-Japanese War and Imperial Rivalries in Punch”  Ming Qing Studies (2018), pp. 231-247.          
“The (Mis)Representation of Reality: ‘Knowledge’ and Image-Making in Glass Lantern Slides of China” The Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, pp. 1-17. doi:10.1017/S135618631900052X

“Cui Malo? Cui Bono? Reflections on a Literary Forgery: The Case of The Memoirs of Li Hung Chang” Partial Answers: Journal of Literature and the History of Ideas, 19, 1 (forthcoming, 2021).

“Beyond the Cartoon: Politics, Art, and Chinoiserie in ‘Punch’ Magazine in the Late Nineteenth Century” (submitted, under review)